My Guarantee

Of course, I would expect any electrical installation work I perform for you to potentially last for decades as I use quality component parts compliant with British or equivalent European standards which I install to BS7671 and to the building regulations, but for reasons of practicality all my installation work carries a (non insurance backed) two-year* goodwill guarantee as standard to give you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of something going wrong afterwards, it will be put right quickly and without fuss.
What’s covered?
Any parts and installation methods provided by Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. as part of an agreed body of work.

What’s not covered?
Consumable items such as incandescent light bulbs and cord flexes or any parts not sourced by Gifford’s Electrical Ltd.

If you want me to install a new lighting circuit in an extension, and to fit a ceiling luminaire you have sourced yourself from Homebase, B&Q etc, my guarantee would cover the physical wiring, switch, circuit breaker, installation method and installation materials where applicable (such as a plaster finish on a channelled section of wall, cable supports, junction boxes, etc). My guarantee would not extend to the luminaire you have supplied or to consumable parts such as halogen light bulbs.

Speaking of consumable parts…
Although not covered by my guarantee, such parts when supplied by Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. are covered by their usual manufacturer warranty and should be expected to have a reasonable lifespan according to their purchase price point, manufacturer claims and how and where they are being used. For example, if I provide long life energy efficient light bulbs for your living room and they fail after six months, you can request replacements from me at no charge and I will send the failed units back to the manufacturer.
Wear and tear, accidental or malicious damage.
My guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or damage inflicted accidentally or maliciously. Knocking a nail through a cable that is buried in the wall directly above a socket outlet, damage to the ceiling light or vandals throwing stones at your outdoor security light would require repair work at the advertised chargeable rate.

Intruder alarms and CCTV installations.
My guarantee covers any supplied equipment and the installation work surrounding a burglar alarm or CCTV installation, however Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. accepts no liability for loss, injury or damage resulting from the malfunction, failure or deliberate disarming of such equipment. Burglar alarms and CCTV assist in crime prevention and are installed only as a deterrent, not a failsafe.

Alterations after completion.
The final location of any accessories or wiring will be agreed upon before work commences, however if no clear direction has been given then a ‘best fit’ method will be adopted using my own judgement to ensure the final location of installed accessories measures up reasonably within the confines and dimensions of the surrounding room or location and in compliance, where applicable, with Part M or any other relevant parts of the building regulations. Labour to subsequently alter the placing of accessories or wiring is not covered under my guarantee and would be performed at a chargeable rate, although the work would itself be treated as a separate task and would be guaranteed and certified in its own right. As an example, if I fit a light switch and you later want it to be moved so you can place a new cupboard against the wall, then the work to move it would not be undertaken under my guarantee on the original installation, but it would be dealt with as a separate new chargeable job requiring its own certification. Once completed, the moved switch would itself be covered by my guarantee, valid for 24 months from the date on the invoice.


Claiming on my guarantee is as simple as contacting me. I would aim to make an investigative visit within 7 days (24 hours if heating/hot water is affected), and would treat it with the same high priority as visiting a new customer. Any work which is required under my guarantee would similarly be treated as high priority and scheduled in as soon as possible.

Not sure if you’re covered?
If you have a question about my guarantee and what it will cover in relation to any quoted or installed work, feel free to ask.

Not happy?
If you’re not happy then neither am I. Contact me and let’s work it out. As a reputable tradesman I do have a complaints procedure although that should be a last resort I would never expect you to need!

*Wondering what that asterisk is about?
My two-year guarantee only applies if you pay the related invoice in full within five days of issue. If paid after five days, then a 12-month parts-only guarantee applies instead. If not paid in full at all, then no warranty claim can be made until full payment is recieved.


In addition to my guarantee, any domestic work that is notifiable to Local Authority Building Control will automatically be processed through NICEIC and will be covered separately by their six-year Platinum Promise. You may also request to be covered by the Platinum Promise for non-notifiable work if you wish. If you believe you may need to claim on this guarantee, please contact me first for advice and assistance.

The NICEIC guarantee remains effective for six years even if Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. ceases trading.

Your statutory rights are not affected. Alterations and clarifications to my guarantee may be made at any time but not to the detriment of completed works. My guarantee is not insurance backed but exists to provide a common sense resolution to any perceived issues with goods or services as supplied by Gifford’s Electrical Ltd.