Waste disposal policy statement

Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. is registered with the Environment Agency as a upper tier waste carrier, registration number CBDU403274.

Where practicable, all recyclable waste materials produced as a result of any work performed by Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. will be removed from site for environmentally sound disposal under the terms of the permit.

Non-recyclable waste will be the responsibility of the client to dispose of in a responsible manner.

Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. employs waste disposal practices to comply with the relevant sections of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (sections 33 and 34).

We aim to:

  • Prevent the unauthorised or harmful disposal of waste
  • Prevent the unauthorised or harmful disposal of waste by a third party
  • On the transfer of waste to ensure:
    • that the transfer is only to an authorised person or site, or to a person for authorised transport purposes; and
    • that there is transferred such written description of the waste as will enable the other person to avoid the unauthorised or harmful disposal of the waste, and to comply with their duty of care
Gifford’s Electrical Ltd. aims to recycle all waste materials as practicable and in compliance with Local Authority requirements.